A REST web service, file uploads & Spring Boot

In this article I will introduce a simple document archive application with a REST interface created with Spring Boot. You will find out how to handle file uploads by a REST web service. The web front end is created with AngularJS. The application is on GitHub. The impatient of you can follow this link to the repository: rest-document-archive to see the source code.


Import the knowledge of the world into Couchbase


I have spend some time with Couchbase experiments again. The result is a tool which imports items from Wikidata: Wikidata-Couchbase-Importer (WCI) – GitHub repository.


Integrate Spring into JSF 2

There are many ways to integrate the Spring Framework into a JSF application. In this post I write about a tight integration in which almost all configuration is done with Spring annotations without loosing JSF bean handling in the front end. I have created an application template to show this approach. The project is hosted on GitHub (spring-jsf). In the end of the article you find a guide how to build and run this application.


Applet Animation – Part One: Display

Applet "Display" (screenshot)

The applet  you see in the screenshot I coded a long time ago. Applets are dead. I know. But this one is too nice to rest in peace.  Weiterlesen

Last.fm to Couchbase exporter

Last week I joined 33rd Degree Conference in Warsaw. One of my favorite talk was “Discover NoSQL Development with Couchbase 2.0″  from Tugdual GrallCouchbase is an open source NoSQL database.

After Tug’s workshop I started playing around with Couchbase. In this article I will describe my experiments.  Weiterlesen

JSF and PrimeFaces: Session Timeout Handling

Implementing session timeout handling in an ajax web application can be hard. You have to redirect to a login page when a single ajax call fails after user session is invalid.

My solution is based on PrimeFaces idle monitor. User is redirected to logout action after timeout to invalidate the session. 2 minutes before a countdown dialog is shown to warn user. After moving the mouse again session is extended.


Berlin 2002, Blinkenlights


Ein Flyer der Abschlussparty von der Lichtinstallation Blinkenlights. Weiterlesen

Berlin 1999, Ostgut, Quelle der Heiterkeit


Ein Flyer aus dem Ostgut.


Berlin 2001, Deli


Ein Flyer aus dem Deli. Weiterlesen

Berlin 1997, Eimer


Ein Flyer aus dem Eimer. Weiterlesen

Berlin 2000, Maria, Rechenzentrum


Ein Flyer aus der Maria am Ostbahnhof. Weiterlesen


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