Applet Animation – Part One: Display

Applet "Display" (screenshot)

The applet  you see in the screenshot I coded a long time ago. Applets are dead. I know. But this one is too nice to rest in peace. I found the applet on a floppy disk. The floppy disk was a backup, I made more 10 years ago. Since then I never touched this code. It’s vintage code. It was not so easy to restore the backup from the disk, but I managed to do it, and now it’s on GitHub.

Since you can not host applets on blogs I recorded a screencast to show the running applet:

Prerequisites to run the applet are git, maven and a browser with Java Plugin (attention, this is very dangerous).

If all of that is installed, you can do the same I did in the screencast:

git clone
cd display
mvn compile
chromium-browser target/classes/start.html
firefox target/classes/start.html

You can change the text in the applet display by editing the applet tag in src/main/resources/start.html.

<applet code="display.DisplayApplet.class"
  width=800 height=600 vspace=0">
  <param name=string1 value="">
  <param name=string2 value="applet art">
  <param name=string3 value="# made in berlin #">
  <param name=string4 value="click here &">
  <param name=bgR value="102">
  <param name=bgG value="153">
  <param name=bgB value="102">
  <param name=arc value="15">
  <param name=speed value="5">
  <param name=timeout value="10">
  <param name=URL value=""

(# is the Brandenburg Gate, & is a mouse cursor)

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