Its Your Phone

Its Your Phone - ScreenshotIts your Phone is an open source application for the mobile device software platform Android.

Its Your Phone sends data from a mobile phone to a server. The server saves these data in a database. Therefore Its Your Phone consist of two parts: a client for Android which sends data and a server which receives and persists data.

Current version of Its Your Phone sends the following data:

  • timestamp, duration and subscriber number of every call
  • longitude and latitude of current phone position

Its Your Phone is an open source module for other developers. Its is not (yet) a standalone application. At the moment you can not read or modify the data on the server. Is Your Phone is a tool to build various applications on the top of it. For example phone data is ideal to use it for social networks. Who knows best who is your friend? Its your phone!

Its Your Phone is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Read more about Its Your Phone:

If you problems or questions write a comment or send an email: daniel.murygin[a]

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