Its Your Phone – Documentation

Its Your Phone sends data from a mobile phone to a server. The server saves data in a database. Its Your Phone consist of two parts: a client for Android which sends data and a server which receives and persists data. Main part of the client is a service which sends data in background. The service process is started periodically by Androids Alarm Manager. Its Your Phone is started, stopped and configured by an Activity.

Its Your Phone Android client – main classes:

  • ConfigurationActivity to start, stop and configure Its You Phone. When a user starts Its Your Phone two alarms are created with Alarm Manager, one for sending data to the server and one for saving geographic coordinates in a local SQLite database on the phone.
  • SendDataAlarmReceiverIntentReceiver which receives the alarm intent and starts a service to send data to the server.
  • LocationAlarmReceiverIntentReceiver which receives the alarm intent and saved geographic coordinates of the current phone position in a local SQLite database.
  • ItsYourPhoneClientservice which sends data to server. Current version of Its Your Phone sends the following data:
    • timestamp, duration and subscriber number of every call
    • timestamp, text and subscriber number of send short messages (SMS)
    • longitude and latitude of current phone position
  • IActionHandler – Interface which defines methods for data transfer to the server:
    • addCall( String userId, String password, String recipient, Date date, Long duration )
    • addLocation( String userId, String password, Double longitude, Double latitude, Date date )
    • addShortMessage( String userId, String password, String recipient, String message, Date date )
  • HttpHandler – Is used by ItsYourPhoneClient to send data to the server. HttpHandler implements methods of interface IActionHandler. Data is send by HTTP request. Request are received by the server of Its Your Phone. HttpHandler uses Jakarta Commons HttpClient which is part of the Android API.

If you problems or questions write a comment or send an email: daniel.murygin[a]

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