Its Your Phone – Installation

Its Your Phone consist of two parts: a client for Android which sends data and a server which receives and persists data. If you problems or questions write a comment or send an email: daniel.murygin[a]

Its Your Phone Server installation instructions:

The server is based on a Java Servlet. To run a servlet you have to install a web server, that supports Servlet execution. Its Your Phone is developed and tested on JBoss application server (version 4.2.0.GA up to 4.2.2.GA). Its Your Phone requires Java 6. Its Your Phone saves data in a MySQL database. Its Your Phone is developed and tested with MySQL 5.0.

  • Download and install MySQL server 5.0. Here you can find installation instructions.
  • Download the Its Your Phone MySQL database: itsyourphone-database.sql. To install the database you have to execute the script itsyourphone-database.sql as MySQL root user, run
    mysql -uroot -p < itsyourphone-database.sql
    in a text console. The script creates the database itsyourphone and a user itsyourphone to access the database.
  • Download and install newest version of JDK 6. Take care that you install the JDK and not the JRE. You can dowload the JDK here.
  • Download and install JBoss-4.2.2.GA. You can download JBoss here. Here you can find installation instructions for JBoss.
  • Download Its Your Phone Server: itsyourphone-server-0.1-SNAPSHOT.war
  • Copy itsyourphone-server-0.1-SNAPSHOT.war to folder: /path/to/jboss/server/default/deploy
  • Start JBoss, enter: /path/to/jboss/bin/ on Linux or /path/to/jboss/bin/run.bat on Windows.

Its Your Phone Android client installation instructions:

Until you can buy Android phones you have to use the Android emulator to test Its Your Phone. The emulator is part of the Android SDK. Its Your Phone is developed and tested with SDK version m5-rc14.

  • Download and install Android SDK version m5-rc14. You find the SDK installation instructions here. You can download SDK Version m5-rc14 here.
  • Download Its Your Phone Android Client: itsyourphone.apk
  • Start the Android emulator, enter: /path/to/sdk/tools/emulator
  • Install the Its Your Phone Client on the emulator, enter: /path/to/sdk/tools/adb install /path/to/itsyourphone.apk

Run and configure the Its Your Phone client

After installing the client on the emulator you can start it by choosing it from the application list. To send data to the server you have to enter a username and the IP address or host name of the Its Your Phone server. You don’t need a password because current version of Its Your Phone contains no proper authentication. After entering name and IP address you can hit the start button to send data to the server. You see the Its Your Phone icon on top of the display when data is send. Data is send in background so you can run other applications while it runs. If an error occurs sending of data is stopped.

If you problems or questions write a comment or send an email to daniel.murygin[a]

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