2 – Portfolio


In this portfolio I present some of the projects I have implemented alone or have worked on together with colleagues.


verinice is an Open Source ISMS (Information Security Management System). The company behind the project (SerNet) is my current employer. I am development lead for this project since 2011. verinice is a client server application with an Eclipse RCP client and a web frontend. The source code is on GitHub: github.com/SerNet/verinice.

Chess in the Cloud

This is an online chessboard developed with PrimeFaces, JSF, Spring and Hibernate. You can play with your friends or you can battle a chess engine called Flux. The source is on GitHub. I wrote a blog post about the integration of Spring into JSF I used for this application.

Rest Document Archive

A document archive application with a REST interface created with Spring Boot. Read more about in this blog post.

Last.fm to Couchbase Exporter

After joining a conference talk about NoSQL databases I started playing around with Couchbase (a document-orientated NoSQL database). Result was a small application which loads artist information from Last.fm and saves JSON results in Couchbase. Application starts with on arbitrary artist, loads it’s information and continues recursively with artists similar to the this one. Read more about this in one of my blog posts.


Something completely different you find in this blog post. It’s about an animation applet I coded long ago. Read the blog post or see the applet in action here:


graffitinet was on of the biggest online database for graffiti and street art pictures and the ancestor of streetfiles.org. I was coding the page with PHP. It was online since 2001. People uploaded pictures to streetfiles years before Flickr was created. I maintained and extended the page for many years until 2008. Unfortunately the project died this year because of trouble in the team.



from 10/2009: SerNet

  • Head of development for verinice

  • Java development

    • Design and implementation of an open source information security management system called verinice (Eclipse RCP, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, PrimeFaces)

  • Build management

    • Implementation of a build and integration process for verinice (Buckminster, Hudson, RedHat RPMs)

10/2009 – 05/2009: PERSICON / novedia

Design and implementation of a online information security management system (RichFaces, JSF, Spring, JPA, EclipseLink)

05/2009 – 01/2002: Carano Software Solutions

  • Java framework development

    • Migration of the persistence layer to Hibernate

    • Implementation of a web interface with Apache Turbine

  • Build management

    • Design and implementation of a build tool for Java applications similar to Maven

  • Java development

    • Design and implementation of a JEE application to create and calculate leasing offers of cars (Swing, Apache Turbine, EJB 2.1, Hibernate)

    • Design and implementation of several XML import- and export interfaces (XMLBeans)

    • Design and implementation of several web services (Apache Axis und Axis2)

  • Administration

    • Configuration of Linux application servers to run Java applications (JBoss/Tomcat, WebLogic)

    • Configuration of application server clusters (Apache, mod_jk, JBoss/Tomcat)

01/2002 – 05/2000: Fork Unstable Media

  • Web development

    • Online time management system (PHP)

    • Website and CMS: nivea.de (ColdFusion)

    • Website and CMS: saturn.de (PHP)

    • Website CMS: nightlife magazine – flyer.de (Java, Turbine)

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